College Fears

Whether you are starting college for the first time, or transferring to a new college it is normal to have some college fears. Having fears is actually a good thing because it shows you actually care about how you will perform at university. One common fear that college students face is living with roommates.

What if I get a bad roommate?

For a lot of people getting into a university is your choice, but who your roommate is isn’t. If you have been assigned a random roommate, remember you are both in the same situation. Your roommate is probably just as worried as you are. Try to approach the situation just as you would when you normally meet a new person. Try to make an attempt to get to know them, keep communication open, and show them respect. If you can do that, it will make your living together so much easier. Also, realize that you will only be rooming together for one year, so try to make it be as enjoyable as possible. It’s not necessary to hangout with your roommate all the time, but making an attempt to hang out occasionally is a good idea. You may find out that your roommate is the total opposite of yourself. If that’s the case, the good news is most of your time will be spent outside the dorm. There is so much to do at college that you will likely find the only time you are in your dorm is when you are sleeping. If worse comes to worse and you find it is impossible to live together, you can always speak to an RA or housing and they should allow you to switch roommates.

Another fear you may face when you get to university is difficulty of classes.

Are college classes a lot harder?

Well to put it simply, they aren’t easy. In college, study skills for students are put to the test. In high school it may have been easy to zip through a project and make a decent grade, but at university you will find your good is just not good enough. College professors hold you to a much higher standard and will expect you to show professionalism at all times. This is because they are trying to prepare you for the real world where your must perform at your best at all times. The most important thing to remember is; try your best. If you find a certain class to be difficult, try to take advantage of all the study help that is available such as study sessions and tutoring. Meeting with classmates outside of class to discuss the material is also really beneficial; especially before a big test.